What baptists believe series

This series of sermons is based on the Baptist Faith and Message. The Baptist Faith and Message is the doctrinal statement that Southern Baptist hold as their core beliefs. It is a statement of what we believe about scripture, God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, salvation, baptism, and other important beliefs. In this series we will look at some of the important beliefs we as Baptist hold.

  • Sermon 1 - What baptists believe about the bible

    As Southern Baptist we believe that the Bible is the inerrant Word of God and it is through the Bible that God reveals Himself to mankind. The Bible is the book on which we base every other belief.

  • Sermon 2 - What baptists believe about God

    This is the first of two sermons briefly discussing the beliefs of Baptists about God. We look at who God is not, Who He is, and why what we believe makes a difference.

  • Sermon 3 - What baptists believe about god part two

    in this second sermon on God we continue to look at some of the attributes of God and talk about what difference knowing these things about God should make in our lives.

  • Sermon 4 - What baptists believe about jesus

    In the fourth sermon of this series we look at the nature of Jesus, His work here on earth, and how all that impacts our lives.

  • Sermon 5 - What baptists believe about the holy spirit

    In our continued series, we now look at the third person of the Godhead - The Holy Spirit. We look at His nature, His activity, and how we should respond to Him.

  • Sermon 6 - what baptists believe about salvation

    In this sermon we learn that all are sinners and condemned before God because of our sin, which is our need. Then we see where God provides a way for us to be reconciled to Him through His One and Only Son Jesus Christ. And finally, we look at what our response must be to God's offer of salvation.

  • sermon 7 - what baptists believe about God's grace (election) and assurance of salvation

    in this sermon we look at the doctrines of election and assurance of salvation. We see that our salvation is grounded in God's grace and is due to His choosing to provide an opportunity for anyone to be saved.

  • Sermon 8 - What Baptists Believe About the church

    The church was founded by Jesus Christ. He is the cornerstone. He has called those who are baptized believers to join His church as members, to use the gifts that He has given them for the advancement of the kingdom.