This is my STory Sermon series

This is a series looking into scripture at individuals who after they met Jesus went into their community and shared with others the story of their life. They told about their life before Jesus, when they met Jesus, and how their life was changed after meeting Jesus. We will also look at some modern day examples of people telling their story and talk about how to go about sharing our story.

  • The gerasene demoniac

    Mark 5

    The Gerasene Demoniac was a man who was totally out of control. He was possesed by a legion of demons. Chains could not hold him. He lived in a graveyard. But, then he met Jesus and his life was forver changed. We look at this change and what happened afterwards in this first sermon of the series. We will also listen to Kay Robertson, of Duck Dynasty fame, tell her story.

  • THE thief on the cross

    Luke 23:39-43

    One of the criminals that hung on a cross next to Jesus saw Jesus for who he was and was saved. Now while he didn't have long to show a changed life we can clearly see in scripture his life was changed because of his encounter with Jesus.

  • Zacchaeus

    Luke 19:1-10

    Zacchaeus was a man who had lived for himself all his life, trying to get more and rise in the ranks. But, one day his curiousity got the best of him and he climb a tree to see Jesus. Jesus called him down, went to his house, and his life was changed forever. 

  • The life of paul

    Acts 22

    Paul was a man who was out to destroy the followers of Jesus. He did not believe in Jesus until one day one the road to Damascus when Paul met Jesus. From that moment on Paul's life was changed forever. Paul spent the rest of his life telling his story.