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We all know that God is the one who will change our nation, but we have also been called to do our part. What can we do?

  1. We can start on our knees praying for this election and for those who are elected.
  2. We can pray for repentance of the sin of our nation and for our individual sins.
  3. We can get out and vote. Please vote according to God's Word for God's glory.
  4. We can encourage others to vote.

Run-off Day is December 6.

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Prayer service


6:00 PM

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A church for all ages

While we are just getting started in the rebuilding of our church, our desire is to be a church for every generation. We believe there is great benefit in a grandchild worshipping together with mom and dad and their grandparents. Join us in our worship service at 10:30 AM on Sunday mornings where we strive to bring families together to worship our great Lord.